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New York Mortgage Auditors is a division of Payment Reduction Serves, Inc. Moses Crawford III is the president and founder of Payment Reduction Services, Inc. and he likes to say that he helps “good people get through bad times” by negotiating Loan Modification, Debt Settlements, Short Sales and even doing Forensics Audits on mortgages for your home or Co-op. His negotiating skills coupled with his tenacity helps gives him an “edge” in rescuing borrowers from bad mortgages.

Mr. Crawford is considered an expert in the Mortgage Foreclosure Industry. He brings a vast amount of financial knowledge to the forefront. He has helped hundreds of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure. Moses is also very good at negotiating Debt Settlement for pennies on the dollar as well as Short Sales.

Mr. Crawford’s expertise spans the globe of the Mortgage Foreclosure Industry. He prides himself in knowing the secrets that the banks are not telling borrowers about avoiding foreclosure.

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